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BGM Audiologists Hearing Conservation Project

Older but Alert

This is a school based hearing screening programme that focuses on identification of hearing loss in school children. The initiative was founded in 2019 with the aim of minimizing the impact that hearing loss has on children’s language development and academic performance.


Preschools that are part of the initiative:


1. Kraaines                                                  8. Oakland Academy                                  15. Wonderland Pre-school

2. Arnie’s Ark                                               9. Eminence Montessori                             16. Stepping Stones

3. Leader’s Academy                                 10. Fauna Park Pre-school                          17. Pietersburg Montessori

4. Little Flower                                           11. Little Bright Start Creche                        18. Heidi en Peter

5. Little Toddler                                          12. Hatfield Montesorri                                 19. Reen Boogland Preschool

6. Little Blessings                                       13. Lucky Beans                                           20. Nirvana Pre-schools

7. Little Achievers                                       14. Dino Park Pre-school



Primary Schools that are part of the initiative:


1. P.E.M.P.S

2. Curro Huiwelkkruin

3. Laerskool Ivy Park

4. Laerskool Piet Hugo

5. Eagles Nest

6. Northview Christian Academy

7. Mynegenoeg Primary School

This is an occupational hearing conservation project that focuses on prevention and management of occupational hearing loss. This project targets workers employed by companies that produce excessive noise above standard noise level set up by Occupational Safety and Health Act (1993).





This is an initiative that aims to identify Presbycusis early in pensioners. Presbycusis can be defined as hearing loss due to natural aging. The focus is to identify hearing loss early and to also implement management that will minimize the impacts of presbycusis.





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